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"...this absolutely bang on   reconstruction of the many faces of Talking Heads would surely merit a benign nod from the great

Mr Byrne himself.


The Canteen, Bristol


When Talking Heads emerged from the New York punk scene in the late 70s, it was soon clear that, although they shared that scene’s back-to-basics ethos, they were actually a very different affair to their punk peers.


Their career was characterized by restless experimentation, but their core sound was defined by their spare-yet-funky guitar work and David Byrne’s distinctive yelping vocals – all propelled by the rock solid beats of Chris Frantz, and a peppering of percussion.


For this celebration of the band, Speaking In Tongues recreate the spectacle of Talking Heads at their peak, playing hits from ‘Stop Making Sense’,

the seminal concert film, as well as groundbreaking albums like ‘Fear of Music’ and ‘Remain in Light’.


The Tongues were formed in 2005 by two rabid  Heads fans, and have enlisted some of Bristol's finest funk players to refresh the classics, like Burning Down the House and This Must Be the Place.


Singer Chris Apthomas gives his own unique take on the geeky frontman, adding to the driving rhythms and funky grooves to produce a 'Once in a Lifetime'



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December 1st

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